One of the best dental offices on the Island!!! I was at Dr. Kaye office on many occasions .My entire family use her office for dental needs.Her office is very clean,warm,comfortable...Staff very very friendly.Dr Kaye will go out her way to satisfy her customers That's the way!!!!Dr. Kaye has SOME MAGIC HANDS!!!She is very professional,dedicated and great person to trust your teeth with!!!Every time I go there I know I am in great hands!THANK YOU VERY MUCH DR.KAYE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I WOULD RECOMMEND HER TO ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al P.

I needed an emergency visit about a month ago. My friend that lives in the ares, referred me to dr. Kaye. I called dr.Kaye's office and asked for an emergency appointment. Her receptionist told me that dr usually leaves by 7 pm. I knew that by the time I will get to her clinic from Manhattan it will be 8 or 815. I asked to talk to the doctor and explained her my situation. Dr. Kaye was kind enough to wait for me till 8 pm and was working over my case for the next 1.5 hrs. I was very impressed by her professionalism and the way she can make her pts feel in the chair. I'm very peased with her outstanding job and highly recommend this doctor to anyone. Thank You Dr. Kaye

Edward Mussayev

Dr. Kaye is amazing in her care of patients. I could not ask for better dentist and supporting stuff.

Diana A.

Dr. Kaye is a great dentist. She has taught me so much how to maintain my teeth. The office is very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Val P.

I have been going here for years. Dr. Kaye is kind, gentle and painless. The staff (Alice) is very professional and friendly.

Leon M.

Dr. Kaye corrected what I thought would be a complicated problem. Doctor is brilliant cosmetic dentist, very professional and skilled.

Alan R.

Service was excellent and staff is wonderful. Thank you again Dr. Kaye!

Ben K.

It was a great visit; doctor is very knowledgeable and professional, absolutely painless. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kaye as the best dentist.

Mary O.

As always, I had great experience. Doctor Kaye was very nice and did great job. Appointment was on time, no waiting. Staff is very courteous as usual.

Nick V.

Great experience from start to finish. I will definitely be going back again. Dr. Kaye is the best cosmetic dentist I have ever seen.

Daniel S.

I absolutely love Dr. Kaye. She is very professional and very friendly. She really explained all procedures to me and she really listen to all my concerns.

Bill L.

I met Dr. Kaye back in 2003 and I absolutely loved her and her staff. Super clean office, no waiting time. Doctor is very professional and kind. Highly recommend Dr. Kaye to anyone.

Michael Z.

I loved Dr. Kaye! Very professional, skilled, knowledgeable, no pain!


Dr. Kaye is a caring, gentle, and dedicated dentist. She places her patients needs and concerns above all else.

Nicolas Y.

I am a loyal and happy patient for 15 years. I have recommended many friends and co-workers to Dr. Kaye. My kids love to visit with Dr. Kaye. She makes my teeth look and feel amazing.

Dan K.

My visit was great. The receptionist clearly informed me what my insurance will cover, cost of every procedure was explained prior to treatment. Dr. Kaye was very gentle but thorough. Coming back with my wife and daughter, will recommend doctor to all my friends.

Leo P.

Dr. Kaye was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Great staff, reasonable cost.

Peter B.

For the last ten years, Dr. Lana Kaye has been my Dentist. I was going to another Dentist in Franklin Square, however, I was very disappointed with the results. When I switched to Dr Kaye, my teeth were in poor shape even though I had quarterly cleanings and checkups. Dr. Kaye identified several issues that required immediate attention, implemented a treatment plan and the results were excellent.

In addition, one challenge I had over the years was the bite of my front teeth. One Dentist recommended that I have my jaw broken to correct the problem. Needless to say, I thought that was extreme. Dr. Kaye convinced me that she would be able to correct the problem, adjust my bite and replace discolored bonding on my upper front teeth with new ceramic crowns. Wow, the outcome has been fantastic. Today, my oral health is excellent and my smile is fabulous.

I have recommended Dr. Kaye to many friends and family.

Charles M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Lana Kaye since 2008 and she is the most professional and well trained dentist I've ever experienced. She is understanding, pleasant to work with and has been a blessing. I was never comfortable with my smile, have worn braces in the past and had numerous uneventful experiences from others in her field.When I met Dr Kaye of Franklin Square she helped change my smile, my confidence increased and my dental health improved.What a difference she made in my life. Although I live in Suffolk, I will always travel to see her. My wife is a patient of hers as well and I have recommended others. I trust her totally with my dental care and you should too.

Lonnie M.

Dr. Kaye is one dentist that I trust and have the utmost confidence in. I have been a patient of hers for about 20 years and she has taken great care of my teeth and gums this whole time. She takes the time to explain what is going on and will do what is necessary to make sure every thing is done correctly and with the littlest amount of pain as well. She performs her job with great professionalism and her hours are very accommodating for the average working hours as she will be open like 2 to 3 nights a week till 8PM as she knows there is a target market to service people who cannot see a dentist till they are done with work. I highly recommend Dr. Kaye for all of your dental needs.

Melvin J.

Dr. Lana Kaye has been taking care of my wife and I for several years. We are very pleased with the quality of her work. I have been to many dentists throughout New York City and on Long Island. She is the best I have found and the only dentist I would recommend.

C. Modugno

The moment , I walked in to her office, I was greeted by friendly staff. i am usually very uneasy about getting my teeth done. i filled out some welcome forms and was sitted right away in the chair. other offices i went to made me wait over 40 minutes before i could see the doctor. Dr. Kaye came in right away and i felt comfortable right away. She was very friendly but professional at the same time. i like how she went over my health history and then she actually checked my neck and other areas around my face. i was suprized by that cause i never had that done by any other dentist, so i asked her why she was checking my neck and she explained that she was doing an oral cancer check up. she also told me that she could do a special oral cancer check by using some device to catch it early. then we talked about what i wanted done on my teeth and i had some xrays done. i also had a cleaning, all i can say is WOW! she used some machine that did not hurt and a whitening paste, so my teeth were clean and actually whiter after that! she also showed me how to clean my teeth and spent a lot of time talking with me. i had to wrtite this review for her because i never had such great dental care before. i felt so comfortable and was not afraid any more. i will be coming back next week to go over a plan. when i left Dr.Kaye's office my teeth were so clean and were even whiter from just a cleaning. the office is very clean and the eqipment she uses looks like something out of space. i cant believe i loved my dental appointment this much. i highly recommend this doctor. she is so caring and does great work.

John C.